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Sack Paper

The table below shows SwedPaper AB’s major brands for sack paper.

Brand name Qualities and key features
FB White sack paper standard (60 to 100 gsm)
Strong and stiff sack paper specially developed for open-mouth sacks, generally sewn closed
FB ws White sack paper standard, wet strength treated (67 to 100 gsm)
Stiff, wet strength paper for open-mouth sacks, suitable for products with some moisture (e.g potatoes)
FB er White sack paper standard, quickly dissolvable and easy repulpable (60 to 100 gsm)
Stiff paper for open-mouth sacks – used when the paper needs to be quickly dissolved and easily repulpable
FBC White sack paper semi-extensible (70 to 100 gsm)
Strong and high printability paper for valve sacks
Crepe-structured surface makes the material semi-extensible, adding to toughness and durability
Ultra White sack paper semi-extensible and porous (70 to 120 gsm)
High tensile strength and porosity for efficient air permeability, allowing for high-speed valve filling
Typical applications include flour, cement or any product in powder form
ABC White high-porous, high-friction sack paper (70 to 90 gsm)
High porosity valve sack paper for efficient air permeability in high-speed filling
Special surface structure for high friction, enabling more stable and secure stacking
Applications similar to Ultra

MF Paper

The table below shows SwedPaper AB’s major brands for kraft/MF paper.

Brand name Qualities and key features
SF-N White smooth finished kraft paper (60 to 140 gsm)
Ideal for shopping and consumer bags, e.g. for fashion, home electronics and dry groceries
Material is white colour netural with a printing surface suitable for high quality, full colour print and image reproduction
SF-N stands up to the highest requirements for purity and hygiene
The same material can also be used for the bag handles
SF ws White smooth finished kraft paper, wet strength treated (70, 95 gsm)
A wet strength material typically used for consumer-packed vegetables and root crops
Wet strength means that more than 20% of the strength remains when the material is wet
ABC Bale wrap White creped bale wrapping paper (120 to 200 gsm)
Strong and elastic paper specially made for wrapping pulp bales
High stiffness for distinct shaping of bales and for managing tough handling
Good protection from tight steel strips due to the high tearing resistance
Adaptable to the swelling of pulp bales, thanks to high elasticity
ABC – S White creped handle paper (80, 90, 100 gsm)
Specially made for making flat paper handles for carrier bags
Stiff and strong – Colour neutral and good printability
FBC – X White paper with high-stretch properties (70, 80, 100 gsm)
Tough, strong, highly elastic paper mainly used for flat carrier bag handles & as base paper for tape
High runnability
Prima White Semi-extensible Paper with a smooth surface for good printability. Suitable for carrier bags and small bags when the bags need to be extra strong and withstand tough handling
Wave Soft and extremely formable paper with luxury looks thanks to special surface structure to be used for exclusive carrier bags, coffee-pods, book-covers and outer-ply on gift-boxes and bag-in-box